What to expect from a consultation?

The first consultation will take at least an hour. Detailed notes on your medical history will be taken prior to any physical examination deemed necessary, including taking your blood pressure.  Advice about your diet and lifestyle changes may also be given.

The second appointment is usually after two weeks, and follow-up visits are arranged as necessary.

Prescriptions: All herbal products prescribed are ethically sourced, from reputable suppliers, whenever possible of organic origin and include home made herbal extracts from locally grown plants. 

Your herbal prescription may be a liquid extract such as a tincture, tea, aromatic water, glycerite and/or syrup. It may also include capsules, tablets, powders, creams, lotions and/or ointments.  



About Elsa Hamaz
I graduated from Middlesex University with a BSc(Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine and I am a member of the National Institute for Medical Herbalists (NIMH) which is the leading professional body for European herbalism in the UK.

I grew up in South Tyrol, an alpine region of Northern Italy, where traditional healing with plants is still common. I trained as a physiotherapist in Italy before coming to Britain and have worked in various caring professions, including bringing up our own children in Hackney, East London, where I still live with my husband and run a herbal medicine clinic. I speak German and Italian.

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