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Elsa Hamaz BSc (Hons) MNIMH
Medical Herbalist

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine, or Phytotherapy, is the oldest form of medicine known. The modern medical herbalist is a natural physician trained in medical sciences and traditional herbal practices.

Herbal medicines are whole-plant extracts containing many active constituents which act synergistically (with combined energy) to support the body's own complex ability to heal itself. Herbal medicine, unlike conventional medicine, does not only treat symptoms, but targets the underlying causes of ill-health. Every prescription is individually tailored to the particular physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a person.

Herbs are effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions, and are suitable for all ages.

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Traditional and modern uses for herbal medicine

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to maintain good health and treat disease. Compared to the very recently developed synthetic drugs of modern medicine, herbal remedies have an excellent and long-standing track record for effectiveness, safety and lack of debilitating side- effects. Plant medicine therefore still has an important role to play in maintaining and regaining good health.

  • Under the supervision of a qualified practitioner, herbal medicines can be a valuable natural alternative to synthetic drugs. Some herbs have also been shown to be useful adjuncts to orthodox drug treatments as they may increase the effectiveness of drugs and so allow the patient to take lower doses and suffer less toxic side-effects.

    Dispensing liquid herbal extracts
    Each herb at the right therapeutic dose

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